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A premium shoulder brace for the relief of injured or strained shoulders.



Bauerfeind’s OmoTrain® braces and supports stabilise the shoulder joint and provide secure stability during movement.

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Product Overview

Proprietary design for relief of shoulder pain

Bauerfeind’s OmoTrain® braces have a unique design that guides and centres the arm in the socket so the shoulder maintains proper natural movement without impacting mobility. The support is easy to put on and take off thanks to its high elasticity, and it is secured to your upper body with a soft strap.

Full range of motion

OmoTrain® supports you during movements such as lifting of the arm. Your chest and back areas are left free, so the support is particularly comfortable to wear.

Relieve pain and discomfort

The full pain-relieving effect of the support is produced during movement. As you move, the OmoTrain® support activates the muscles and gives an intermittent massage on the soft tissues. You can also use a removable pad for additional massage effect on specific pain spots.

Comfortable fit

The soft knit fabric delivers the ultimate comfort. It is also machine washable in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.

Don’t shoulder the pain

Relieve shoulder pain with OmoTrain® shoulder braces and supports.



  1. Soft knit fabric – Breathable knit is comfortable to wear, gentle on your skin and keeps moisture away from the body. It is machine washable in the gentle cycle.
  2. Viscoelastic soft pad – Massaging nubs reduce swelling and relieve pain in the soft tissue.
  3. High elasticity – Makes it easy to put the shoulder support on and take it off.
  4. Strap system – Secures the brace to your body and centres the shoulder for stability and pain relief.
  5. Pressure-reduced edges – Less compression at the edges for an optimal and comfortable fit that improves circulation.
  6. The special chest-free wearing system – leaves the chest area free and does not restrict breathing for excellent wearing comfort.

Treatment of

Shoulder arthritis
Shoulder instabilities
Shoulder pain
Shoulder swelling
Shoulder tendinitis


  1. Anne (verified owner)

    My elderly mother has bad arthritis in in shoulder along with torn tendons. Since wearing the shoulder brace she is in a lot less pain and is able to move her arm more than previously. It has brought her a lot of relief.

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